Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening – Ready For Your Best Smile?

Having whiter teeth can make your smile look healthier, younger and brighter when it’s time to pose for pictures or talk in front of a group. Investing in professional teeth whitening is a great way to jump-start your smile makeover or perfect as a stand-alone treatment.

When you whiten your teeth professionally, you’ll see better and faster results than with anything available over the counter. Using higher quality products and concentrations makes it so that heavier stain particles are released, not to mention brightening the natural colour of your enamel.

If you’re about to have other cosmetic treatments or a smile makeover, it helps to start with teeth whitening to match your new restorations against.

Pola White

We use Pola White products. Each gel is specially formulated for fast-acting results with minimal sensitivity. You can whiten on your own terms, getting great results every time or whiten your teeth in one visit to Blacktown Dental Group.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Convenient and effective, take-home whitening trays fit snugly over your smile and keep the bleaching gel right where you need it. Just wear your kit for an hour per day for 10-14 days to see full results. With a take-home kit, you can touch up your smile anytime necessary. We recommend wearing them 2-3 times after each scale and clean to boost your smile’s brighter colour and keep it looking its best.

In-Office Treatments

Enjoy dramatically brighter teeth in just one appointment. As the professional-grade gel is brushed onto your teeth, accelerated with a bright light and re-applied 2-3 more times. You’ll see a tremendous transformation between when you stepped into our clinic and the completion of your visit. You can repeat the whitening process at regular intervals to be sure that your teeth stay bright and gorgeous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is anyone a candidate for teeth whitening?

To qualify for teeth whitening, you’ll need to make sure your smile is free of cavities or gum disease. If you have any such issues, they need to be treated before you can proceed with your teeth whitening treatment. Other than that, there are few contraindications to having your teeth whitened.

How much whiter will my teeth get?

The level of whitening you can reach will depend on how discoloured your teeth currently are. At your initial consultation, we’ll let you know what results you can expect from the procedure.

Will my teeth be sensitive after being whitened?

Though many people are concerned about their teeth becoming more sensitive after whitening, Pola’s products are formulated to minimise your sensitivity.

Is there any pain involved in getting your teeth whitened?

No. There is no discomfort during a procedure for teeth whitening.

Does my health fund cover teeth whitening?

Typically, health funds do not cover cosmetic treatments. You can check what your particular plan covers with your health fund.

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