All Teeth on 4/6/8 Implants

Imagine having your smile transformed and being able to eat foods you never thought you’d eat again.

This can be your reality with All Teeth on 4/6/8 Implants, an advanced, cost-effective procedure that’s available at Blacktown Dental Group. With this complete mouth rehabilitation, the dentist and prosthetist work hand in hand to customise full mouth dentures done precisely to the patient’s liking.Whether you’re seeking a celebrity smile, or a more natural look, we can help you achieve your smile goals.

How Does It Work?

With the modern All Teeth on 4/6/8 method, an entire arch of teeth can be supported by just 4 implants. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium placed in the jawbone. By using the denser bone that usually remains in the front area of the jaws, All Teeth on 4/6/8 Implants eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming and uncomfortable bone grafting, which may extend treatment times.

What Are Some Benefits of All Teeth on 4/6/8 Implants?

  • Look and function like natural teeth
  • Promote healthier-looking gums
  • Enhance the appearance of your face
  • May help avoid bone grafting surgery
  • Are easy to maintain and clean
  • Could improve your quality of life

Plus, with our onsite prosthetics lab, there’s no need to send anything out to an external lab. So there are cost and time benefits, plus everything is taken care of from start to finish in-house which is a massive convenience!

A Simple 5 Step Process


The first step to getting this procedure is a consultation appointment with our dentist, Dr Naseem and our prosthetist, Paul. Your teeth and gum health will be evaluated through an oral examination. In addition to taking impressions, we may also take dental X-rays and a CT scan.

A medical history check will be done, which includes a discussion of the medications you take and your health condition. This evaluation will confirm whether you are a good candidate for implant surgery.

Before the end of the consultation, your dentist and prosthetist will work hand in hand to present a customised treatment plan and discuss the associated costs.

Measure and Moulds

If you decide to go ahead, the next step would be an appointment with Paul, our prosthetist who will take measurements and moulds in order to custom-craft your dentures.

We have a prosthetics lab on site so Paul then has everything he needs to custom craft your dentures. Having a lab on site means there are benefits from both a cost and turnaround time perspective as there is no need to outsource the prosthetics.


The next phase involves surgery with Dr Naseem to prepare your mouth for implants.

To ensure your comfort, you will first receive sedation which is managed by Dr Yvonne Chow / Dr David Dong who is trained and experienced in pain management through oral and IV sedation. This will ensure the experience is comfortable and pain-free.


Healing can range from weeks to months. It all depends on your individual situation. But the usual period is around 3 – 4 months.


Your dentist will surgically place each of the four implants into your jaw using advanced laser-guided technology with pinpoint precision.

Finally, your permanent denture will be fitted.

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