Get a Whiter Smile in One Day

Professional teeth whitening is a fast, efficient and safe way to quickly enhance your smile’s appearance. If you want to touch up your look before a big event this weekend or are considering a more dramatic smile makeover, a teeth whitening treatment is a great place to start.

Our office uses Pola White professional products, providing gentle results that maximise the underlying brightness of your natural smile.

In-Chair Whitening Benefits

Did you know it’s possible to remove multiple shades of stain in just one trip to our office? Pola White’s same-day whitening system allows us to erase years of discolouration, internal staining and natural darkness.

We’ll set you back, place a protective coating over your gums, then apply the Pola White gel directly to your teeth. After it’s activated, we’ll rinse the gel away and re-apply it 2-3 times more until we get the results we’re looking for.

The entire appointment takes about 1-1.5 hours to complete, making it one of the quickest and most affordable cosmetic services that we offer.

Prefer a Take-Home Kit?

Some of our patients prefer to whiten their teeth at home. Pola White has a professional system you can use on your own and get the same fantastic results as an in-office treatment.

This kit comes with a set of custom-moulded trays that hug your smile and keep the whitening gel against the curves of your teeth. Wear them for an hour or more a day and you’ll start to see results after just a few sessions. Within two weeks, you’ll have teeth that are multiple shades whiter!

We recommend keeping your kit on hand to touch up as needed. Most people prefer to whiten for a day or two each time they have their teeth cleaned.

Something to Keep in Mind

Teeth whitening is something you’ll only want to have done if your mouth is healthy. Active tooth decay or gum disease will need to be treated before applying a whitening agent to your smile. If you’re up to date on your scale and cleans, you’re likely in the clear.

If you have any dental work in your smile zone, such as white fillings or porcelain crowns, it’s important to know that those areas won’t respond to whitening products. Bleaching the teeth around them could cause your restorations to stand out.

Schedule a brief consultation at our office today to find out which professional whitening system is right for you!

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