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Sedation Dentistry

Does the thought of going to the Dentist leave you feeling nervous or tempted to avoid your appointment altogether? We understand. Dental phobia and anxiety are common, whether you haven’t been to the Dentist in years, need your first filling or require extensive treatments.

Fortunately, nitrous oxide sedation — also known as ‘laughing gas’ — can provide safe and gentle relief.

What Is Laughing Gas?

Woman wearing dental sedation mask Nitrous oxide is a gentle inhalation sedation (analgesic) that leaves you completely conscious but less sensitive to stimuli or stressors. It’s blended with pure oxygen and breathed in through a soft nosepiece.

While we still use local anaesthetic to numb teeth that are being treated, laughing gas makes it so that you care less about what’s going on around you. You’ll still be able to answer questions and carry on a conversation, but the overall experience will be easier.

It only takes a few minutes for laughing gas to take effect. We adjust the level to your age and body type. When your treatment is over, you’re placed back on 100% pure oxygen for about five minutes until all of the nitrous has left your system.

Choosing nitrous oxide sedation means you’ll be fine to drive yourself home afterwards! There are no lingering side effects.

Why Request Nitrous Sedation?

Having laughing gas during your next appointment at Blacktown Dental Group makes it easier to catch up on all of your necessary care. It’s affordable, effective and can be requested at the last minute.

Considering sedation Dentistry? Here are a few reasons to choose laughing gas:

  • Safe for people of all ages, including children
  • Starts working within just a few minutes
  • Fully reversible
  • Reduced gag reflex
  • Eases mild to moderate anxiety
  • Feel more relaxed during dental treatment
  • Can be added onto any dental procedure

See Our Sedation Dentist

Looking for a relaxing dental experience? Request nitrous oxide sedation at your next visit. Contact us today to get started.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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