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Implant Dentures

Middle-aged couple walking together in sunsetWhat if you could replace all of your teeth with a streamlined denture that was permanently attached on top of dental implants? You can!

Today’s implant retained dentures are a narrow prosthetic design that follows the natural curvature of your jaws, instead of extending over the roof of your mouth. Rather than relying on suction or clasps to keep them in place, your appliance is directly connected to a pair of implants.

Advantages of Implant Stabilised Dentures

In lieu of wearing a removable appliance, implant retained dentures have many benefits:

  • Permanently held in place so there’s nothing to take out at the end of the day
  • Extremely durable, as implants offer added strength
  • Able to be placed onto as few as 2-4 implants total
  • Better to chew and eat with
  • Beneficial to the bone health when teeth are missing or have been extracted
  • Functional for upper and lower dentures
  • Improved speech over larger, bulkier appliances
  • No messy pastes or adhesives are needed

How They Work

During your denture design process at Blacktown Dental Group, we’ll identify target areas of your jaw that are optimal for implant placement. For most people, a full denture can be attached onto between 2-4 implants for an entire arch (rather than a 1:1 ratio of implants to missing teeth).

Next, we plan your implant surgery. After installed, you’ll need to allow some time to pass before your bone integrates with the new restorations, which is what keeps them in place.

After the implants are fully integrated, we’ll uncover the upper portions of the implants to attach an abutment, which is what allows us to affix the denture to your mouth.

Do You Qualify for Implant Dentures?

Schedule a consultation today to find out if you’re a candidate for this streamlined denture option.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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