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Dr Amyta Coilparampil (Dentist)

Dr Amyta Coilparampil, DentistFor Dr Amyta Coilparampil, she enjoys treating patients holistically and not just as a mouth. She also likes to educate them on diet and oral hygiene. Relieving patients’ pain and giving them a beautiful smile are the best parts of her job. She enjoys the combination of science and art that is unique to Dentistry.

Dr Amyta is qualified to administer a certain facial injectable and provide fillers (eg lip fillers) for patients. Additionally, she can administer happy gas (relative analgesia) for anxious patients. Performing extractions is her favourite part of Dentistry.

Outside the Practice

In her spare time, Dr Amyta enjoys baking desserts and decorating cakes. She also loves to travel and is a huge movie and film buff.

Blacktown Dental Group | (02) 9676 7590