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Denture Design

Dr Paul with patient As a comprehensive dental practice, we have a highly experienced Dental Prosthetist to perform our denture services. Every patient receives the highest quality appliances made from the best materials available.

Our practice opened in 1996 as a comprehensive dental lab before adding an extended clinical team of Dentists and staff. Not only does this provide consistency for our patients, but it also enables us to offer more efficient services.

Denture Services

Today there are more denture designs than ever to choose from. We offer a variety of appliances to fit the oral health and lifestyle needs of our patients, whether you only have 2-3 teeth to replace or require full mouth rehabilitation. Curious as to which types of dentures are available? We offer:

  • Complete Dentures: Traditional “plates” cover your entire upper or lower arch.
  • Partial Dentures: A removable denture that snaps into place around your existing teeth.
  • Flexible Dentures: Flesh-coloured dentures offer more ‘give’ than a conventional appliance and improved aesthetic results.
  • Implant Retained Dentures: Predictably replace all of your upper or lower teeth with a fixed appliance that’s attached onto as few as four implants.

Denture Repairs and Relines

Do you have a broken or ill-fitting denture? An adjustment, repair or relining could have it fitting better in just one appointment. With a reline, older appliances fit more comfortably across your gums with a tighter suction for better security. Or if you’ve dropped your denture and it’s cracked, we can help with that too!

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Get a one-on-one denture design with one of our Dentists and Dental Prosthetist. Request your first visit today.

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