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Crowns and Bridges

When your smile has experienced years of wear, accidental damage or large areas of decay that have compromised the integrity of your bite, your confidence isn’t the only thing affected. Everything from the way you speak and eat to the alignment of your other teeth can be impacted.

Fortunately, the custom porcelain dental bridges and crowns we offer at Blacktown Dental Group can help. Each ceramic restoration is handcrafted from specific shades of material to blend in with your smile and help it to look whole again.

Illustration of dental bridge

Options for Missing Teeth

If you were to take 3-4 crowns and bond them together in order to replace the missing teeth in the middle, you would have a dental bridge. Bridges are anchored on top of supporting teeth or dental implants on either side of the ones that have been extracted. They suspend functional crowns over your gum tissue, filling in open space.

Your bridge is designed so the final results help your smile appear whole again. Everything from the shape of each tooth to the colour of the porcelain are carefully selected for optimal aesthetic results.

Illustration of dental crown

What Is a Crown?

Crowns are protective restorations that cover all of your tooth up to the gums. They’re used in situations where a tooth has an extensive amount of decay, a large filling needs to be replaced or after a root canal.

Before getting a crown, we’ll need to gently reshape the outer layer of enamel in order for the restoration to slip over your tooth and fit in line with the surrounding teeth.

Start Your Treatment Today

When you get a crown or a bridge, it takes 2-3 appointments to complete. The first visit is your preparation appointment and an impression of your tooth is taken. About two weeks later, your new restoration will be ready to try on and bond in place.

Have a broken or missing tooth? Our custom porcelain crown or bridge can get you smiling again. Contact us today to get started.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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