About Our Custom Crowns and Bridges

When you need to replace or protect a damaged (or missing) tooth, a dental crown or bridge may be your best solution. Each lab-made restoration is crafted for optimal aesthetics and durability so that you can keep on smiling no matter what life throws at you.

Crowns vs. Bridges

Although crowns and bridges are made in a similar manner, each one has a unique purpose.

For instance, crowns are made to go over a broken or decaying tooth to protect the structure that’s still there. It bears the weight of grinding and chewing so that your bite functions normally.

On the other hand, a bridge is an artificial crown, with a functional crown on either side. The ends are set over a pair of healthy teeth (or implants) to suspend the false crown in an open area after you lose a tooth. Bridges are durable and functional, but they affect more than one tooth.

Shaped to Your Smile

Since our crowns and bridges are made by hand, they can be adjusted in a variety of different manners to match your anatomy. For instance, some people have shorter or rounder teeth, while others are more triangular. You crown and bridge will keep those same characteristics, allowing your restoration to blend in.

Matched to Your Surrounding Teeth

Since porcelain and ceramic materials come in a variety of shades, we can specify the exact hue of your new crown or bridge. Our dentist uses a special shade guide at the time of your preparation appointment to match the teeth in your smile. We write this shade on our lab order so that the ceramist knows exactly what colour to create your new restoration.

In some cases, we can even arrange for your crown or bridge to be multi-hued or textured, making it more realistic looking. This step is beneficial if we’re restoring teeth towards the front of your smile.

Great for Dental Implants

Maybe you’re replacing missing teeth with dental implants. An implant itself serves as the “root” of your new tooth. What goes on top of it depends on how many teeth you’re missing.

For a single missing tooth, an individual implant and crown are ideal. But if you’re missing, for example, 3-4 teeth in a row, then getting a pair of implants and an extended bridge is an excellent choice.

Crown and Bridge Consultations

Are you considering updating your smile? Do you need to finally fix that problematic tooth? Contact us today to request an exam to find out which options are right for you.